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Software (Anti-Virus) | Top

AVP - featuring the searchable AVP Virus Encyclopedia, product info and online ordering.

ACT/SOPHOS Anti-Virus Software - Software protection for viruses within the Windows NT 95, WFWG, Novell, OS/2, VMS< and Banyan Vines. Downloadable evaluations and new viruses information.

ALWIL Software - anti-virus information many other anti-virus links AVAST! anti-virus package support place to report virus incidents over the Net

Anyware Software Company - developers of Anyware Antivirus.

Carmel Anti-Virus - for Windows NT, Download a 30-day evaluation version, and the monthly updates. Order a package directly from Carmel.

Central Command Inc. - official distribution and support site for AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP). In English, German, and French. On-line virus encyclopedia.

COMSEC, Ltd. - computer security consulting firm, offers services primarily in the areas of antivirus, data recovery, and email encryption security.

DialogueScience - DSAV includes: Virus Hunter, DrWeb, ADinf, Adinf Cure Module, Sheriff.

EMD Enterprises - Security and anti-virus products for PC networks, Internet, Intranet and the individual desktop.

F-PROT Professional in Sweden

IBM AntiVirus

InterScan VirusWall - scans e-mail, FTP transfers. All movement of data through the gateway between in-house PCs or LANs and the Internet is scanned, real time.

InVircible Anti-virus

Italian Virusbusters - The first italian service of virusbusters. Virus clinic on line. We kill your pc virus in less than 24 hours in all Italy.

Leprechaun Software - Creators of the VirusBuster anti-virus suite. Versions are available for DOS, Windows 3.x, soon for Windows 95, Windows NT and Netware.

LOOK Software Systems Inc. - Virus ALERT, an Anti-Virus Software fully compatible with Windows95, DOS, Windows 3.1X, Novell. Internet protection options. Anti-Virus Scanners, Cleaners & TSR's.

NetPro Computing - Makers of software for administrators of Banyan VINES and Novell Netware Networks.

NH&A - specializes in anti-virus, security, and network management software sales and support. Information on the Caibua virus that swept the BBS community because it was undetected by present anti-virus scanners.

ON Technology - information on computer viruses and how to combat them.

Reflex Pacific Limited - disknet anti-virus shield for the Asia region. The latest news and information on viruses and to find out how disknet can protect your corporations PCs.

RG Software - virus protection for corporate, academic, and government sectors.

Rosenthal Engineering - Rosenthal Engineering develops hardware and software. Rosenthal Engineering has also developed several popular shareware products, including Rosenthal UnInstall, Disk Drive Cleaner, Rosenthal WinLite, and Virus Simulator.

Second Sight - Generic anti-virus: no updates, no scanning, no TSRs, no false alarms. And no virus damage.

SecureNet Technologies, Inc. - proactive virus protection and diskette authorization.

Sophos Plc - Anti-virus and data security software, produces anti-virus sol'ns for these systems: MSDOS, Windows, Windows NT, NetWare, OS/2 and VMS as well as encryption software

Stiller Research - We provide current anti-virus news, a list of myths regarding viruses, a virus information list and a list of in-the-wild viruses.

VET Anti-Virus Software - VET Anti-Viral Sales Inc. is a company set up to market, distribute and support Cybec's VET Anti-Virus products.

Virus, Inc. - Virus Source Page, download up to 8000 different viruses. Your complete source for viruses.

ViruSafe - advanced anti virus protection.

VirusWeb - software and a plug-in board that provides a triple threat against virus infection.

Software (Firewalls) | Top

Actane - high level firewall including transparent circuit level gateway and application proxies; entirely manageable by SNMP.

ANS; ANS InterLock Service

Argus Systems Group, Inc - provides secure environment for executing Java applets.

Atlantic Systems Group - Developer of Security Solutions - Internet & Network

BBN Planet Site Patrol Managed Firewall Service - complete turnkey and fully managed Internet firewall solution.

CAP SESA Industrie

Centri - Secure Internet Gateway Solution

Cerber Solution - family of security products used to implement a high security application on the Internet.

CheckPoint - FireWall-1

Computer PS, Inc - Specializes in Internet security firewall systems for business & organizations.

Cybertek Holdings - Korean Distributer for FireWall-1 by CheckPoint. Cybertek Holdings provides customers with total internet & intranet solution.

Cypress Consulting, Inc. - focused on providing security for computer networks. Our experience has led to the development of an unusual firewall product... LABYRINTH.

Digital Equipment Corporation

Firewalls R US, Inc. - internetworking solutions including firewall routers, secure bastion servers for Internet activities, as well as authorization and encryption technologies.

Galea Network Security - provider of hardware firewall who uses ultra-efficient parallel processing to bring wirespeed protection to your network.

Gauntlet(TM) Internet Firewall

Gennet Tech. WebGuard/DES, WebGuard/Firewall

GFX-94 Family of Internet Firewalls

Global Internet - secure software (Centri Firewall, Centri TNT) & services (consulting, design, Internet access, support) to build, manage & secure enterprise networks.

Global Technology Associates, Inc. - Internet Firewall Systems

GNAT Box Firewall System - Internet security.

Great Circle Associates (3)

Guardian - network security and surveillance software package.

Hervé Schauer Consultants - consulting company specialized in Internet, UNIX and TCP/IP security, and its firewall software: HSC-GK.

IBM Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway

Internet Security Incorporated: The Norman Firewall

KyberPASS Authentication Server - transparently provides security and privacy on public and private networks. Client authentication uses public/private key cryptography. Privacy is ensured with encryption.

Livermore Software Laboratories, Inc.'s PORTUS Firewall System - on-line tutorial on firewalls located at this site

Milkyway Networks - Black Hole Information

Momentum Pty Ltd - internet and general security consulting for corporate and government clients.

Network-1 Software and Technology, Inc. - FireWall/Plus a complete DOS-based firewall that bucks the UNIX trend

Outlink, Inc. Market Research - publishers of "The Firewall Report." Market research firm focusing on the information security market.

Pilot Network Services - services provided through network service centers configured with advanced firewall technology.

PrivateNet Security Firewall Server - from NEC Technologies' Internet Business Unit is an off-the-shelf proxy-based Internet and Intranet security solution.

Radguard - data security solutions for interworking environments.

Reese Web, Inc. - specialize in Windows-NT solutions, including: Firewall Systems, Web Servers, Mail Gateways and Internet Connectivity

Seattle Software Labs - firewall solution that uses industry-standard PC hardware.

Sidewinder - Secure Computing Corp's firewall internet security solution.

SmallWorks, Inc - If you're connected to the need a firewall

SunScreen SPF-100 - network security solution, incorporating advanced packet filtering technology and cryptography for privacy and authentication.

TurnStyle Firewall System - Packet Filtering Firewall, Complete with Proxies and Motif GUI. PC and RISC based versions.

Ukiah Software - address the security needs of a multi-protocol environment and provide manageability through directory services integration.

Zebu Systems - a turn-key Internet connectivity solution provider. Manufacturer of Orion, a complete firewall system.

Software (Encryption) | Top

Access Control - sells PGP or Pretty Good Privacy's ViaCrypt PGP encryption software and PC Guardian's physical security hardware.

ACL Datacom

American Software Engineering (ASE) DES - Provide security for your sensitive files on your computer. DOS based program that encrypts/decrypts files in 56 to 256 bit modes.

Bokler Software - Data encryption tools for Windows developers including DEScipher/VBX and OCX.(Visual Basic, cryptography, software development).

C-Dilla - encryption, access control and compression software for electronic publishers.

carrick - Encryption software based on blowfish. Sold in the United States Only. Free demo.

Certicom - Information security company and providers of the leading edge Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC).

CES Communications Limited - voice, fax and data encryptors.

Cipher Logics Corporation

Ciphers by Ritter

CodedDrag (Win95 Shell Extension) - Download this program to integrate data encryption into the Windows 95 shell.

Cryptor - for OS/2.

Data Encryption Systems Limited - company and product information on software security products.

Data Integrity, LLC

Digital Delivery, Inc. - software publishing tools for distributing hard goods and digital products. CatalogBuilder and TitleBuilder use encryption technology for secure transaction and content control.

Digital Secured Networks Technology - Developer and marketer of network security products for corporate Intranets and Private Networks.

Elementrix Technologies, Inc. - automatic implementation of One Time Pad encryption. Ultimate privacy and security on the internet.

Enigma & Company - Personal and Commercial cryptography products that ensure E-Mail and data security. Several encryption systems available. Consulting and contracting services.

Genio USA, official ditributors of CrypEdit(TM) - Information about Genio USA, CrypEdit easiest to use & most capable encryption software for Windows, & all our software and hardware communications & security licensing, services, & products.

Hudson River Works, Inc - Hudson River Works introduces Calendars for the Web, a unique authoring tool for creating dazzling Web calendars and Incognito, a highly secure file encryption program.

Incognito - Hudson River Works introduces Calendars for the Web, a unique authoring tool for creating dazzling Web calendars and Incognito, a highly secure file encryption program.

Interbuz Software for Windows - encrypts any file using two private keys. The encrypted file is printable text for easy attachment to your e-mail.

Internet Privacy Guaranteed - provides software encryption systems to ensure privacy on the internet or intranets.

Internet Software Solutions - Hide or encrypt your confidential files so only you or selected uses have access. Free demo available.

Invincible Data Systems, Inc. - offers PGP-based encryption for e-mail security, disk storage protection, free download of trialware, Invincible Key hardware tokens for access control, and consulting services.

Jetico, Inc. - designs, manufactures and sells the Bestcrypt family of Data Protection Systems which let users keep sensitive data encrypted.

Jones Futurex, Inc. - The company for encryption and security.


Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. - provides encryption solutions for secure communications and storage of data to users, corporations and original equipment manufacturers.

PrivaSoft - Fax & E-mail Security via software encryption

Protegrity - an advanced security management system providing full data protection across all applications, major systems and databases, including internet and PC security.

Quintet - producer of high caliber biometric authentication technology for access control, file encryption, and biometric key generation. Featuring QAPI: an API for signature verification.

RPK Public Key Cryptography - a new public key encryption technology that is faster, yet equally secure as RSA.

SafE Mail Encryption software - Encryption software with Compression and Error Correction. Based on Public Key Distribution Algorithm. Long keylength.

Secure Communicator - Secure person to person chat and file transfer

SECURE encryption - SECURE. An encryption and security plug-in for the Eudora e-mail program. Available both the 16 bit and 32 bit versions.

SoftSell - makes encryption software.

Teledyne Electronic Technologies - advanced cryptographic technology for secure internet gateways, digital set-top boxes for cable TV, ATM access security.

The Enigma Group - Workflow Architects - Developers of ENIGMA-7 data encryption for MS Windows systems and developers of custom workflow applications. Specializing in encryption, e-mail, e-forms and e-cat technologies.

VeriSign, Inc. - Providing public-key cryptography solutions. Issues Digital IDs to support privacy and authentication within a broad range of products and services.

ViaCrypt - Information about ViaCrypt PGP -- the commercial version of the de-facto standard for information security on the Internet.

Wormhole Technologies - publishes software that creates a cryptographic area network to protect networks and e-mail. Uses ProVirus technology to detect crypto-viruses.

Xerox Encryption Unit - a Government certified device for encrypting information over IEEE 802.3 networks.

Software | Top

Blue Lance, Inc. - network software products to protect corporate information and trade secrets.

DASCOM Online - scaleable secure intranet solutions.

ABM Data Systems - security automation software.

Absolute Software Corporation - creators of CompuTrace, designed to assist in the recovery of stolen computers.

Access Data Corporation - password recovery utilities recover passwords from: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Money, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Paradox, PKZip, etc.

AccessManager - Security and Single-Sign-On Product for multiple platforms.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. - Aladdin's HASP product line lets software developers increase revenues by preventing unauthorized use and distribution of their software.

Aliroo Ltd. - email, fax, and file encryption.

AntBytes Software - A revolutionary security and recovery package featuring THREE levels of protection, logging, CMOS read and write, along with many other features.

ASD Software - publisher of award-winning Macintosh security and encryption utilities such as FileGuard and DiskGuard. Also publishes MacOS enhancement utilities such as PopupFolder.

Atemi Corporation - Currently featuring NetShade, a network security application that automatically and invisibly encrypts all your network traffic.

Authentex Software Corporation - anti-virus software, data security, encryption, file security, internet security.

Aventail Corporation - network access and security solutions based on the SOCKS version 5 standard.

BDW Software - specializes in network-security software.

BrainTree Technology - develops and publishes database security software products (SQL<>SECURE) for UNIX and OpenVMS multi-user computer systems in Oracle and other client/server environments.

BS-Control - a visual access monitoring system.

Cheyenne Software Europe, française - Des solutions de sauvegarde, de sécurité, de protection et de communication pour les environnements NetWare, Macintosh, Windows NT et UNIX.

Citadel Computer Systems, Inc - developer of NetOFF, the security logoff system for networks.

CRAK Software - Presents Seven Password Recovery Programs for WordPerfect(tm), Lotus 123(tm), Quicken(tm) and more.

CRYPTOCard Corporation - specializing in network and computer security, including user authentication and remote access management tools.

Cyber-Survival Headquarters - secure internet communications software, unbreakable "vault" software for business pc's and personal systems.

CyberSafe Corporation - delivers network security software products and services to the business community. Allows users to securely access network resources with one password.

CyberSoft, Inc. - White papers, free software and hot links of interest to the computer security professional.

Cyno Technologies - remote access security products.

Datacrypt - computer security utilities.

Deming Software, Inc - Producers of Secure Messenger for Microsoft Exchange and the Secure Messenger Toolkit. S/MIME compliant email encryption and signature add-ons.

EEE-ZEE Software - Makers of EZ-PGP, a commercial PGP shell for Windows 3.1 and 95.

Elegant Communications Inc. - maker of InSPEC UNIX Software, system management application for UNIX environments.

Eliashim - provider of computer security and anti virus products for PCs, LANs and Internet.

Em-bargo Document Security Software - A patented software system that protects copyright of printed documents, enhances security, prevents leaks.

Entrust - key management software for public-key cryptography.

Ewen Associates - Consultative Objective Bi-functional Risk Analysis (COBRA) range of products for information security management, inconjunction with network and security consultancy.

Fast Software Security AG - reliable software protection.

Federated Software Group - Leaders in Secure Systems.

Finjan Software - products for Java security and management.

Fortres Grand Corporation - maker of Windows security software to protect public access computers.

FSA Corporation, PowerBroker, and PowerLogin - FSA Corporation develops and sells UNIX system software, including two security products.

IconHideIt - An inexpensive PC security, Windows PC protection system that provides sophisticated file protection, directory protection, and user privacy.

Intercom Pacific

Internet Security Systems, Inc. - network security assessment tools and technology through innovative audit, correction, and monitoring software.

INTRINsec Computer Security - We try to provide high quality computer security by installing correct protections, intrusion detection systems and auto-testing programs.

IP-Watcher - A network security and administration tool which gives the user the ability to monitor and control any login session on his network for investigation, evidence collection, or even prevention of damage.

iWinpak - PageCommerce - the No Server PGP Commerce solution that works off ISP web pages. MailMerce - the PGP Mail Commerce Solution

Kent*Marsh Ltd - publishers of privacy, data security, and configuration protection software for Mac and Windows.

Link Data Security - general PC security, anti-piracy software and remote access control.

LockTite Security Software - Contols Floppy Drives, Protects Files, Provides F5, F8 and Shift Key Autoexec by-pass disable.

Magna - Empower security software for the Macintosh

March Systems Ltd - Authors of the Security Manager rule-based system for managing the logical security and integrity of UNIX and NT systems. Providers of IT security consulting services.

Memco Software - provides a complete line of enterprise security solutions, including comprehensive UNIX security, distributed security administration, single sign-on.

Micah Development Corp. - markets and develops software security solutions for PCs.

Milkyway Networks Corporation - develops and markets internetworking products, focusing on business internetworking solutions for the emerging information highway.

MimeStar, Inc - a provider of advanced computing solutions which are light years ahead of the competition.

nCipher Corporation - offers software toolkits and hardware accelerators for enabling internet and electronic commerce.

NetBack, Inc. - users get their own virtual data vault, can upload and download files on the web or via ftp, for secure offsite backup of vital files.

NetLOCK - secures network communications within the organization and between the organization and its business partners.

NetSafe - libraries, tools, source code and software products providing client-executable authentication and protection.

Network Engineering Technologies - software products that secure information and facilitate business transactions over the internet.

Network Systems Corporation@ - manufactures and markets secure networking and intranet solutions. These solutions include hardware, software, consulting, secure firewalls, secure tunnel bridging, switching, and channel extension.

NSClean - Privacy protection software for web browsers. Find out what Netscape, Internet Explorer and the net know about you.

OnWatch Service Authority - key management & certification service with links to IT security, firewall, X.500, cryptography, digital signature, and related sites.

Outcomes 2000 - offers software for dynamic key encryption, secure email, secure ftp, secure filecrypt, with no key management, and no public or private keys.

PACE Anti-Piracy - sells solutions for software authorization, including trialware, copy protection, and remote unlocking for internet distribution.

Patriot Technologies, Inc. - dedicated to providing complete integration services and product fulfillment to clients and software application developers.

Penta, Inc - auditing and security solutions for IBM S/38 and IBM AS/400 systems.

PentaSafe, Inc. - auditing and security software solutions for AS/400.

Pinnacle Technology - OS/2 desktop management and security. Single Signon. Our products are designed for large networks or stand-alone systems.

PLC Computer and Electronic Equipment - features Secur-it Security Software to protect your files from prying eyes.

Prime Factors, Inc. - provides software to support X12.58 and X12.42 security standards as well as general DES encryption and X9.9 authentication for other types of file transfers.

Priva-C PC Access Control - Complete security system for controlling access to information stored on a PC's hard drive.

Privacy Alert Software - enhanced email and web respose software that monitors and controls confidential outgoing information via user modiafiable key words dictionary.

pTIZAN Computer Services Pty/Ltd - text search retrieve of any human language.

Rainbow Technologies - manufacturer and supplier of software protection devices and encryption technology for IBM, Macintosh and open systems computers

Root Manager - Root Access Control without devuldging root password, partition root power based on root needs without giving away all root power. Audit and Report generation supported.

SAGUS Security Incorporated - network security products including e-mail and session encryption and digital signature plus firewalll and mainframe security products.

Sector Zero, Produtos Informaticos Lda - Specializes in software copy protection. Exclusive distributors for Portugal for AZ-Tech products: Everlock and Everkey

Secure Computing Corporation (9)

Secure Networks Inc. - maker of Ballista, which discovers security weaknesses in networked environments.

SecureWare, Inc. - network security, secure Web server, privacy-enhanced e-mail, and more.

Security Wizard With Visage - Security Wizard Home page has information on computer security and encryption techniques, also free downloadable software.

Selenium - smart card technology applications. We integrate and create user-friendly applications which fulfill the need for efficiency and security.

Sentry Software Corporation - offers complete multi-level access control software.

Sentry: Security for the Home and Business - Sentry is an access control program for DOS, Windows 3.X and Windows 95. It's very flexible and can be used to log user activity, protect individual files and much more.

SoftLock Services - Piracy prevention for your software.

Somarsoft, Inc. - Maker of DumpAcl, a utility for Windows NT that makes it easy to spot holes in system security.

Sound Data, Inc. - Web site developer and space provider as well as the developer of intervault - data storage software for safe backups over the Internet.

Symark Systems - system management and security software for Open VMS, Unix and PC networks.

Syntegration Inc. - develops software for OS/2 security, desktop management, and protection. These products are designed to meet requirements for large networks and stand alone systems.

Technologic Software Concepts, Inc - Provides products and solutions for Multi-Platform and Enterprise-Wide security administration.

TeleSeC - security for data communication in open networks like Internet.

TimeStep - Network Security - TimeStep Corporation homepage provides viewers with up-to-date information about encryption, network security and the PERMIT integrated network security solution.

TradeWave Corporation - develops and markets Internet-based security solutions.

Trillion Software - audit and security software.

UniShield -- Centralized Security Management - Across many UNIX platforms with features including password generation, password aging, realtime audit, access control, auto logout, role-based GUI management and more.

Vasira, Inc. - telex and fax interface devices, data encryption, remote access communication solutions, user authentication, e-mail security and an Internet firewall.

VendorCrypt Secure WWW Software - a secure Server-to-Merchant Transfer system for the WWW.

W3 Internet Services Ltd. - authorized business partner of Secure Link Services AG, Switzerland offers encryption, security and internet banking products and services.

Hardware Top

Abbey Services - PC alarm system.

ActivCard - authenticates users across all platforms for all major communications networks including the Internet, public switched networks, cellular, and local and wide area networks.

B.M.L. - makers of security alarm products featuring the P.C Protector.

Barracuda Security Devices - counters computer & component theft by marking the internal components with indelible dye and sounding a 127dB alarm.

Business Protection Products - protect your valuable equipment from theft and unauthorized use. We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions.

Casi-Rusco - designs and manufactures a complete line of access control and alarm monitoring system products.

CMS Technologies - EtherLock security systems from CMS Technologies use existing network wiring to protect PCs, laptops, and peripherals on LANs from physical theft.

Compu-Gard, Inc. - solutions to the growing problem of computer and office equipment theft.

Computer Room Monitor - Computer Room Monitor for temperature, humidity, etc.

Computer Security Products, Inc - Computer Security Products, Inc. provides a variety of physical security devices to prevent computer theft. Fiberoptic security, steel cables, lockdown plates, software, etc.

Concord Eracom - Our organisation designs, develops and supplies PC & PC LAN security systems, communications security solutions in the fields of EFT and EDI, multi-platform APIs conforming to ANSI, ISO and Industry Standards.

Databridge Services Limited - computer security firm which marks computer equipment, processor and memory chips with a YID.

Digipass - specialising in security cards that generate time-dependent passwords. Over 600,000 cards are used worlwide mainly in Home-Banking services.

Eagle Data Protection - Anti-piracy products (dongles) that compete against Sentinel, Hasp and HardLock; products of Rainbow Technologies, Aladdin Knowledge...

ESD GmbH - the pages of the company who developed the MeCHIP contain a lot of information about Internet security, electronic banking and commerce.

FireCooler Desktop Media Protector - Protects data backup investment and original media from fire/water damage. Data security to comply with IRS, audit, insurance requirements.

G-B Electronics LineSense - electronic security for computer hardware.

INCAA Datacom B.V

Innovonics - produces the secure PC Pay device to read credit, debit, and smart cards using a personal computer.

LiebertWeb: Liebert Corporation - computer support systems,including complete environmental, power, system monitoring, and access control solutions.

Marx International Inc. - Intelligent innovations for software protection and data security. Our copy protection devices are microprocessor controlled.

Microcomputer Applications, Inc - manufactures the KEY-LOK dongle-based security devices that protects your software from illegal usage.

Microtek Systems - fail safe and security products for computers and consumers.

Minatronics Corporation - fiber optic security systems.

Parham Technologies, Inc. - Hardware device that operates in pairs, located in-line and in front of your modem or PBX. Silently answers incoming calls and checks for programable key prior to passing call to the modem/PBX

Parkin Security - the latest information and news about anti-theft, lock-down, and earthquake security and safety products.

Pc Defender By Taylec Ltd - An elctronic security alarm that protects Ram , Peripherals and the computer from theft in a singles ISA expansion card

Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. - Flexguard physical security and theft deterrent hardware for computers, peripherals, video equipment, etc. Catalog, pricing, and ordering information.

Point Six Kelvin - dual channel temperature monitor for the personal computer.

QPSX Communications Pty Ltd - multifunction security terminal for voice, fax and data. Certification authority, secure email plug ins.

Salix Group - computer racking furniture, lan and server racking, security rooms, vaults, and safes for hardware devices and media.

Secant Network Technologies - security system that works with ATM networks. It provides two basic security services, access control and privacy through the use of standard cryptographic methods.

Secure-It, Inc. - physical security devices for desk top computers, notebooks, and general office equipment.

Security Solutions Plus - Specializing in wireless electronic computer anti-theft, anti-vandalism equipment.

Softlok - software protection devices, dongles, to developers worldwide.

SonicPRO Home Page - offers an affordable range of Computer and Automotive alarms providing the latest in high technology protection.

Tufnut Computer Theft Protection

Westinghouse Security Electronics - Access Control Systems

Consultants | Top

AS Stallion Ltd. - information security provider.

BOFH Consulting - Basics on network and unix security.

Cerberus Information Security Consulting Inc - Providers of expert, practical and effective Information Security consulting.

Choreo Systems Inc. - specializing in interoperabilty, full service intranet, communications security, and voice-data integration.

Computer Security Consultants

CygnaCom Solutions, Inc. - Specializing in Systems Engineering and Information Technology Services. CygnaCom offers information security expertise.

Data Logic - computer security consultancy, specialising in security management, probes and firewalls.

Data Systems Security Inc - We provide networking and information security services, including Internet firewall analysis.

DOMUS Software Limited - Network Security, QA, Encryption, Document Tracking

En Garde Systems - Intrusion Response software and technical consulting in many areas of computer and network security.

GSR Consulting Group Inc. - Computer security consultants. Disaster recovery planning, internet security, firewalls.

Infocom, Inc. - Information Security related consulting services to government and commercial clients.

Information Security Engineering, Inc - computer and network security solutions. controlling access to the corporate resources in a open client/server environment is a challenge.

Internet Security Systems - provides the Security FAQes for Usenet regarding many topics such as vendors, patches, anonftp, sniffers, and compromise. ISS, Inc has the most complex and comprehensive vulnerability auditing tool for network scanning.

Livermore Software Laboratories, INC - PORTUS firewall and network security consultants.

M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc - a computer security consulting and software development company, offering a password synchronization program for all PC/LAN environments.

Merdan Group, Inc - specializing in computer and communications security engineering services.

Momentum Pty Ltd - internet and general security consulting for corporate and government clients.

More Systems, Inc. - specializes in RDBMS consulting and provides software products for database and application security management.

Net Access - provides information security products, services and technologies.

Netcraft Network Examination - a commercial internet security service which identifies vulnerabilities in customer' networks and provides up to date security information to subscribers.

NeTegrity Inc. - network security products and services to financial services, insurance, high-tech manufacturing, telecommunications, health care and government.

Netplex Group, Inc, The - provider of computer security, disaster recovery planning, business continuity, and business resumption planning solutions and consulting services.

Networking Technology Solutions, Inc - intergration and security solutions for corporate information systems.

NJH Security Consulting, Inc. - we perform security audits, network vulnerability scans, and specialise in configuring highly secure web servers.

OpenVision Technologies

QC Consultancy

Racal IT Security - data security for financial transactions and electronic commerce systems. Support for host end systems connected to ATM and card issuing systems.

SAIC Wateridge - Computer Security - specializes in computer security and secure operating systems. Worked with various implementations of the Compartmented Mode Workstation operating system.

Sanda International Corp. - resource for information security available anywhere on the Net.

Sandelman Software Works Corp. - specializing in secure Unix systems and secure network applications. Offers contract programming and consulting worldwide.

Security Board TSB, The - total 'virtual' security resource. computer/telecom, law enforcement, legal, human resources, life safety, information safeguard help.

SecurNet Consulting - internet security & computer network consulting services. we offer: security audit, internet connectivity, secure e-mail, Windows NT, IP addressing, firewalls.

Shatswell MacLeod Inc - specializes in technology, security, and audit consulting services for community banks.

Softway Pty. Limited - Open Systems consulting and services house. Softway specialises in security and general consulting, and contract software development.

Spanning Tree Technologies, Inc. - Makers of NetProbe, the network security scanner that checks for all CERT and CIAC advisories that are exploitable remotely.

SystemExperts Corporation - Design and implementation expertise in system management, network security, firewalls, Web services, and distributed computing (DCE).

TECHMATICS, Inc - Engineering Services and Information Technology and Security for government and commercial clients

Tempest, Inc - preventing eavesdropping on unintentional signals produced by most electronic equipment.

Trusted Systems Training, Inc - computer security training and consulting company specializing in highly secure computer and networking systems, including Windows NT and Secure UNIX.

Uhu Information Service - provides your organization with cost effective, professional solutions for computer related administration, communication and security.

Vanguard Integrity Professionals - We sell mainframe security software, conduct an annual security and RACF conference, and offer security training and consulting.

VIP InfoServices - Computer Crime Awareness Seminars - seminars to both law enforcement agencies and private sector dealing with the ways and means of computer crimes.

Vision Development Group, Inc. - Security Consulting - Network Security and TCP/IP Protocols and Application Consulting and Training. Value Added Reseller of Internet Security Systems Scanner®.

Zeuros Network Solutions - consulting agency specialising in secure network systems, firewalls and secure dialup solutions

Businesses | Top

Decros - encryption and security systems for PCs and LANs.

AssureNet Pathways - formerly Digital Pathways; network security authentication tokens and servers, running on Microsoft NT and Novell Netware platforms.

Az-Tech Software, Inc.

BL Computer Security - products against piracy, alarms, and data security.

Centurion Technologies, Inc. - makers of Centurion Guard(tm) electronic hard drive protection.

CKS Network Access and Security Solutions - provides distributed network access/security software, including CKS MyNet, a secure single sign-on solution.

Communication Devices Inc. - Manufacturer of data security products for secure remote access using DES tokens and providing full data encryption.

Computer Crime Research Laboratories - CCRL is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching information and network security in an open forum.

Computer Security Center - Computer and Information security company

Computer Trackers Recovery Service

Computrol Security Systems - Developer and manufacturer of leading edge integrated card access systems for commercial and government accounts.

Controlled Access/Data Based Security

Cortex Security and Control Systems - manufactures card access systems using magnetic, Wiegand, and proximity technologies. We offer easy to use software and low-cost installation.

CTI Communications - markets client/server electronic mailbox packages,IBM3780 Fastsync, Syncpack and Firewall.

Cylink Corporation - Security products include: Voice -FAX & Link encryption-Async to 38.4 Kbps & synch to DS3 at 44 Mbps. Also X.25, TCP/IP-IPX & Frame Relay.

Detectit Security Management System

DynaSoft - Supplier of comprehensive computer security solutions for client/server environments. Products include BoKS and Avi-BoKS.

Enigma Logic - Products for identifying everyone accessing your network and host computer systems

ESCOM Corporation

Eutron - hardware keys, access control and encryption security systems for PCs and LANs.

Gamma - experts in security policy, ITSEC, BS7799, and making your business secure in the information age.

GarGoyle Securities - offers information, curriculum and educational development seminars, and consultation on network intrusion, business security, encryption-PGP, and more.

Glenco Engineering Inc. - hardware and software copy protection solutions to combat software piracy.

Hackers Catalog - unique software and hardware tools, files, books, videos, and test chips for cable, satellite, cellular and computer hacking, phreaking and other fields of interest.

Information Security Policies Made Easy - Already-written information security policies on floppy (IBM or MAC) based on consulting work with organizations worldwide.

Infosafe Systems, Inc. - both software-only and hardware-based metering solutions, suitable to a wide range of electronic commerce and information security applications.

Innovative Security Products - Hardware and software security devices for P.C.'s, peripherals and networks.

Janus Associates, Inc.

LanSoft Ltd - computer security systems.

Litronic Inc. - encryption-based information security systems designed to provide high levels of performance and ease of use.

Medcom - supplies complete Internet solutions with products and services like firewalls, encryption software and security inspections.

Microcosm Ltd - copy protection (software and/or hardware based) and software licensing systems. Products include CopyControl and Dinkey Dongle.

Miros - TrueFace compares a live face image to a stored image to determine if a user is who he claims to be.

National Computer Registry

Netlock from Hillier - Protect your PC Network from RAM chip theft with Netlock. Netlock checks every computer on the LAN every few seconds.

PC Guardian - A personal computer security software company with a wide range of PC security solutions. From network management software to Internet security software and mechanical theft devices.

PC Security Limited - harware and software security solutions.

Pretty Good Security - Secure Credit Card Transactions on the Internet.

Qualtec Data Products - manufactures PC and business security products. Included are PC theft deterrants; heavy duty data security; and accessories.

Remote Data Services - JPJ Co. Inc - Off-Site Secure Data Storage and Encryption

Safe Data System - security products that verify the identities of computer systems and network users and prevent unauthorized access to company resources.

SafeBIZ - offering peace of mind to consumers and increased traffic and sales to businesses.

Sandtech Data Security, Inc. - consultants in data administration, information security, risk assessment, disaster recovery and business contingency planning.

Secure Network Systems - security audits and solutions for internet/intranet.

Secure Solutions, Inc. - Providing practical and workable information systems security solutions.

Security Engineering Services, Inc. - Formed to address the growing demand for Information Security, Communications Security, TEMPEST, EMC, EMP, and other related disciplines.

Security Information Systems, Inc. - development of microcomputer-based software products for the alarm/security industry. dealer access and more.

SFC Supply - Fiber optics for security, surveillance and secure communications. Data and voice.

Shufro Security

Signal 9 Solutions - secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) with no implicit trust and strong encryption.

SMS - UK commputer and equipment security specialists.

Software House - Developer and distributer of advanced card access and alarm monitoring systems for commercial, government, banking, and university facilities, world-wide.

Spyrus - manufacturer of PCMCIA crypto cards, security libraries, and secured applications.


SystemWare Incorporated - Products dealing with signal analysis, TSCM, tempesting, frequency management, SIGINT, Digital Signal Processing, etc. Used by Intelligence agencies worldwide.

TECSEC - develops security solutions for customers ranging from consumers to defense contractors.

Telequip Corporation - Secure coprocessing solutions for electronic commerce and the rapidly expanding mobile computing marketplace.

Theissen Security Systems Ltd. - IS-Security consultancy, solution design and implementation as well as protection systems.

Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. - specializes in the development of trusted solutions to meet Department of Defense and commercial multilevel security requirements.

Trygg Data as - Norwegian reseller of datasecurity products.

Vasco Data Security, Inc. - providing access control to public and private networks and PC's using patented encryption and token devices which generate one-time passwords for Extended User Authentication.

Z-Lock Mfg. Company - offering disk drive, notebook, laptop and other computer locks, as well as automotive, bicycle, home and other security locks.

Security Conferences | Top

Datanet Security 1997 - annual international conference, exhibition and review on internet security and wide area network security.

1996 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

1997 RSA Data Security Conference - Computerworld called it the "sine qua non" event of the crypto community. An annual pilgrimage for over 2000 cryptographers, developers, analysts, spooks and business people.

2ns Annual Information Security Conference - "The New Security Frontier: Managing Risk Through The Year 2000",

Alaska Symposium on Computer Security

Fighting Cellular Fraud - at the Four Seasons Hotel, March 24-26, 1997.

Security and Freedom Through Encryption Forum - Congressman and Industry leaders speak on online privacy and electronic commerce at Stanford University. July 1, 12-6 p.m. et, RealAudio from MediaCast

The Gathering  - The Security Conference with a difference

Anonymous Email  | Top

Anonymous Email []

Anonymous Email []

Anonymous Email []

Fakemail - Fakemail allows you to send email to anyone on the net, *from* anyone on the net! Hours of fun for the entire deranged family!

Fakemailer, The - send e-mail to anywhere on the net and make it appear to be from anywhere.

SSL-Encrypting Remailer Interface

W3 - Based Anonymous Remailer Interface

WaReZ FLuX Fake E-Mailer

Anonymous Remailers - For information concerning anonymous or PGP remailers.

FiRestOrm's Anonymous Remailer

Matt Ghio's Remailer List

Premail - a remailer chaining and PGP encrypting mail client

Remailer List

Replay and Company UnLimited

Tom's Anonymous Emailer - Sends email anonymously to someone without being able to be traced back to you.

FAQ - - Answers most, if not all, questions about this service.

Newsgroups  | Top  - Alternate Security Issues. -  Index for Above.  - Announcements {from the CERT} about security.  - Security issues of computers and networks. -  Discussion of Unix security. -  Miscellaneous Security.

comp.risks -  Risks to the public from computers & users.

comp.virus  - Computer viruses & security. -  Pretty Good Privacy.   - Privacy Enhanced Mail.

alt.hackers   - Descriptions of projects currently under development. (Moderated).

alt.2600 -  The magazine or the game system. You decide..

Misc Security Links | Top

Information/Data Security News


Alexanders Netzwesen-Archiv

Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theater and Networking Security Revue

Computer Security at SAIC

Computer Security Superstore bugtraq archives

Encryption and Cryptography CSU, Stanislaus

Endpoint Security

GAO Report on Pentagon Computer Security

Information Warfare/InfoSec

Infosecurity News

le bulletin lambda

NIST Computer Security Clearinghouse

OCP's Telecom/Computer/CU Ref Guide!

Our Rights

Ping o' Death Page

Pseudo-Random Number Conditioning

Ring connecting Personal Computer Privacy pages

Safe Internet Programming

Secure FileSystem (SFS)

SESAME project - (Secure European System for Applications in a Multi-vendor Environment.)

SKIP - IP-level Encryption

The Cypherpunks

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